Avoiding Political Pseudo-Subsidiarity

Here’s a good inventory of authentic principles from Catholic Social Teaching toward our realization of the common good & community.

Dutiful critiques of various political ideologies, Left & Right, will uncover in them different types of pseudo-subsidiarity, ie revealing persistent patterns of various under- & over-emphases of such principles as well as inconsistencies in their application from one class of ends to another.

Here’s a look at some things that different party platforms and ideological approaches will variously properly emphasize as well as sadly ignore:

Governments’ interventions legitimately include fiscal, monetary, economic, foreign, military, rights enforcement & curtailment, moral expressions (both homogenous & diverse) & such, all fostering the ends of order, peace, justice & morality.

While no ends would be a priori removed from or added to deliberations regarding such interventions, the burdens of argument lie w/advocates for interventions.

Presupposed are sufficient solidarity, moral enculturation & public deliberation, which foster the formation of a common will (degrees thereof). Also presupposed is ongoing interventional accountability.

Interventions require a proper ongoing assessment of the competencies of persons (subsidia) as individuals & at each institutional level to determine comparative effectiveness.

For a given specified end, interventions to advance the common good remain in tension w/the preservation of personal dignity, though individual rights & liberties may be limited to preserve the common good & interventions must be attenuated by suitable majority constraints to protect minority rights.

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