BREAKING: DBH’s Flip-phone Hacked by a Covert Cyber-Catacombic Enclave of Baroque Neo-scholastic Manualists

Curious pop-up advertisements began showing up during my browsing sessions a few days ago, not long after Yale Press announced a Fall 2019 release for DBH’s universalist-themed book:

That All Shall Be Saved

After a cursory cybersleuthing effort, which was collectively conducted by numerous tweeps of mine, who all belong to the same informal Orthodox cyber-underground, we uncovered the source of those ads, a new organization called OrthodoxWikiLeaks.

After contacting its webmaster via a javascript-enabled contact form, several of us received Twitter DMs from an account, incuriously named, ScotusWasADunce.

Apparently, the CatacombicEnclave’s bots will be responding to #trending_topics and will kick-in in response to any level of cyber-chatter regarding DBH’s upcoming book release.

The bots will DM any tweeps, who either speak favorably of universalism, in general, or of That All Shall Be Saved, in particular. They will be rolling out various unedited DBH text messages between now and September in an effort to discredit the author & dampen his book sales. As the release date nears, the text releases, they say, will be progressively voluminous and will escalate in their level of scandalousness.

Both as a teaser and as a manner of authenticating the hacked contents, ScotusWasADunce released bits & pieces of DBH’s flip-phone contact list.

I contacted ScotusWasADunce thru OrthodoxWikiLeaks insisting that I needed better evidential authentication, while conceding the DBH Contact List was certainly experientially congruent with his lexical reality.

ScotusWasADunce responded with this SMS text:

That pretty much clinched it for me.

You can judge this evidence for yourself. Simply RT this BREAKING news and watch the ScotusWasADunce bots and OrthodoxWikiLeaks DBH text drops kick-in!

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