Trading the insanity of our Bayesian priors for the wisdom of the Benedictine priors

Advocacy journalism has become a redundancy, to be sure, but it’s a problem that presents in terms of degrees?

Thriving casino industries & multi-state lotteries are a cynical tax on people who are bad at math?

If they also watch too much news, that can contribute to their habitual over- or under-estimation of the probabilities of future – & actual incidences of past – un/desirable outcomes.

Further participation in online echo chambers only exacerbates their levels of Bayesian incompetence.

Any politicians & journalists who’d knowingly exploit all of this vulnerability are especially despicable, whether regarding, for example, Covid or election fraud. Most of them, though, I suspect are just unwittingly susceptible to bad math. I may be grossly underestimating … never mind.

I know I’m cognitively, hence emotionally, vulnerable to bad math. Every time the phone rings, it scares the crap out of me! Rather, I frighten myself.

I need to exchange the insanity of my Bayesian priors for the wisdom of Benedictine priors. For Lent, I hope to spend less time with the tv, talk radio & online chatter and more time with the Liturgy of the Hours.