An Equiplausibility Principle to Adjudicate the Existential Actionability of a Practical Reasoning Under Uncertainty

Regarding being, reality & existence, interpretations (mostly emergentist) of everything, TOE’s, turn on various presuppositions or priors:

Mereological – whole/part relations

Methodological – principle of reason

Metaphysical – root metaphor

From those presuppositions, we can formulate all sorts of equiplausible interpretations.

Generally, those compete favorably with each other to compel our attention & persuade our intellect.

Not all are equally inviting, transformatively, or inspiring, morally, because some just aren’t at all engaging, evaluatively, to most people.

Beyond an equiplausible epistemic warrant, the existential actionability of such interpretations will turn on normative justifications for practical reasoning under uncertainty

employing equiplausibility principles like choosing to act as if the most life-giving & relationship-enhancing response will best lead us to – not only the best way & life, but – the truth.

We choose like this in our quotidian affairs regarding our proximate concerns & can defensibly justify doing so regarding our ultimate concerns.